1950 | DE

Wholesaler Adolf Spinner of Offenburg, Germany founds Allsicht Organisation (ASO) with a few like-minded people.

1950_A&O History
1953 | DE

Founding of wholesale chain A&O, a voluntary cooperative of 20 food wholesalers.

1953 MARKANT Gruender  History
1960 | DE

Founding of the international Zentralkontor.

1960 Internationale Kette History
1963/64 | CH

A&O Zentralkontor Launches Central Settlement and offers supplementary services.

1963 Gruendungsfeier History
1972 | DE

A&O superseded by Offenburg-based SELEX Handels GmbH, which focuses on the food business.


At the same time, Tania Handels GmbH in Hamburg grows with a non-food orientation.

1972 Vorstand der A&O International History
1983 | DE

Merger of SELEX and Tania to form S+T Bundeszentrale Selex + Tania Handels AG.

1983 Herren Spinner und Kaiser History
1987 | CH

Founding of MARKANT Handels- und Industriewaren-Vermittlungs AG in Pfäffikon, Switzerland.

1987 Pressemitteilung S+T History
1988 | CH

MARKANT Handels- und Industriewaren-Vermittlungs AG begins operations in Pfäffikon.

1988 MARKANT auf dem Weg nach Europa History
1989 | CH

Founding of the European cooperation European Marketing Distribution (EMD) by MARKANT Handels- und Industriewaren-Vermittlungs AG and seven European partners.

1989 EMD Logo History
1991 | DE

Merging of the previously legally independent service companies Selex and Tania Group to create MARKANT Handels und Service GmbH.

1991 MARKANT Gebäude History
1994 | CH – DE – ES

MARKANT Finanz AG in Basel and Iberiana Frucht in Offenburg/Valencia begin operations.

1994 Iberiana Obst - Verpackung History
1999 | CZ

Founding of national subsidiary MARKANT Česko s.r.o. in Prague.

MARKANT Česko s.r.o. in Prag History
2001 | DE

Consolidation of the Wiesbaden and Worms locations in Worms.

2001 Standort Worms im Abendrot History
2002 | DE

Construction of the non-food sample presentation centre in Worms.

2002 Musterungszentrum Worms History
2004 | CZ

Founding of national subsidiary MARKANT Slovensko s.r.o. The national subsidiary is supported out of Prague.

MARKANT Slovensko History
2008 | CH

Establishment of a strategic partnership with Syntrade AG in Pfäffikon; today MARKANT Syntrade Schweiz AG is a subsidiary of MARKANT Handels- und Industriewaren-Vermittlungs AG.

2008 MARKANT Syntrade Gebäude History
2009 | AT – CH – DK

During the course of its internationalization, MARKANT Handels- und Industriewaren-Vermittlungs AG concludes strategic cooperations with ZEV MARKANT (which reincorporates as MARKANT Österreich GmbH) in Austria and with Syntrade AG in Switzerland.


Start of Central Settlement in Denmark.

MARKANT Östereich Gebäude History
2011 | DE

MARKANT celebrates 100th MARKANT Food Trade Forum and 30 years of brand enhancement.

2011 100. Handels-Forum History
2012 | CH

International coordination headquarters of MARKANT Handels- und Industriewaren-Vermittlungs AG in Basel begins operations.

MARKANT Standort Basel History
2013 | PL – CH

Start of operations in Poland and Hungary.


MARKANT Handels- und Industriewaren-Vermittlungs AG celebrates its 25th company anniversary and 60 years of international cooperation.

25 Jahre MARKANT AG Jubiläumskongress History
2014 | DE

The new European computing centre of MARKANT Group in Offenburg begins operations.


Food and non-food areas in Germany consolidated at the Offenburg location.

2014_Rechenzentrum History
2016 | PL

Founding of the MARKANT Handels und Service Sp. z. o.o. service company in Warsaw.

MARKANT Standort Warschau History
2017 | DE – AT

Expansion of the Offenburg location to an international service center of MARKANT Group. 


Renaming of MARKANT Handels und Service GmbH in MARKANT Services International GmbH.


MARKANT Österreich GmbH supports the Croatian and Slovenian target markets.

Baustelle Neubau MARKANT Offenburg History