A fantastic level of support

«I think the level of support provided by the company that's training me is fantastic. It's great to have the opportunity to continue one's professional development after the training – and that Markant provides support for this.»


Jan Bohnert
Dual course of study: DHBW Bachelor of Arts - Business Information Systems

Dual courses of study

Initial experiences of the world of work

«I feel that I'm in really good hands here at the company because you get a lot of insights and you can find out where your own strengths, but also your weaknesses, lie. I enjoy working here and I'm pleased to be getting my first experiences of the world of work here.»


Hannah Schuler
Dual study course: DHBW Bachelor of Arts - Retail

Dual study courses


You can gain a wealth of practical experience by working with us – while you are still studying. Here you can put your first ideas into practice and help us to develop our products and services.

It offers enormous potential for your personal and professional development. How can you join us? By completing an internship, a work-study position or your thesis here, for example.

Our job offers for students

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Application guide

We would like to inform you about all the key facts relating to internships and theses with us. We have therefore summarized our answers to frequently asked questions by topic below. Should you have any further questions, we will be happy to assist you - by phone or email.

  • Can I complete an internship at Markant Group, and if yes, in which departments would this be possible?

    There are generally two key areas in which mandatory internships are possible with us. One of these areas is our diverse IT departments such as application management or development. The other area includes our numerous commercial departments such as the HR department.


    When do I have to apply for an internship?

    It is often sensible to apply three to six months in advance. This means you are on the safe side and do not need to wonder whether the position is still vacant.


    Do I receive a certificate for the internship?

    Yes, you will receive a qualified certificate of completion from us. This will give a list of the activities that you performed and our evaluation thereof.

  • Can I write a thesis at the Markant Group, and if yes, in which areas would this be possible?

    There are generally two key areas in which theses are possible with us. One of these areas is our diverse IT departments such as application management or development.


    Can I also write my thesis during term time?

    Yes, that is possible. However, your working hours must be amended in this case – 20 hours a week may not be exceeded as a general rule.

  • Can I also submit a paper application by post?

    Please do not send applications by post. All applications should be submitted via the applicant portal.


    Which documents should I send with my application, and what is the maximum file size for these documents?

    Please send us a compelling covering letter explaining why you want to join Markant, together with your full CV and current references. The documents may not exceed a total file size of 10 MB.


    How will I know that my application has been received?

    You will receive an automatic notification confirming that your application has been received in our system.


    How long will my application documents be stored for?

    If your application is successful, your application documents will be stored for the duration of your position. In case of a rejection or if your user account is deleted (equivalent to rejection), the data will be deleted four months after the conclusion of the application process.

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