Markant price monitor (MPM)

Our Markant price monitor (MPM) tells you each day which products are currently being purchased via which sales channels, at what price and with which promotions. In addition to promotion information and promotion prices, shelf and online prices are also expected to be available.

Features and benefits

  • Detailed analyses of promotional price and competition monitoring (incl. promotion frequencies, environment
    analyses, shopping basket comparisons)
  •  View of advertising materials incl. zoom function and (bundled) download option
  • Automated price alert via email
  • Automatic delivery of specified reports via email
  • Option for bookmarks to save important selections
  • Monitoring and optimization of your own campaigns and images
  • Support with the strategic design of promotional product ranges and prices
  • Flexible data transfer into in-house systems
  • You do not need to carry out your own research or data recording
  • Free support and training courses

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