1WorldSync presents MARKANT Group with 1WorldSync's 1Community Award

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1WorldSync's 1Community Award Übergabe 1WorldSync presents MARKANT Group with 1WorldSync's 1Community Award

The MARKANT Group has received 1WorldSync's 1Community Award for its outstanding services throughout the entire digital value chain.

MARKANT supported 1WorldSync during the test phase for Major Release 3 and made every effort to ensure that the Release was rolled out into the German FMCG sector on schedule. The aim of Major Release 3 is to adapt the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) to meet the increasing demands made by retailers, suppliers and legislators.

1WorldSync's Community Award is given primarily to companies which have excelled with strategic initiatives designed to help the sector and the master data community.1WorldSync forms part of GS1 (Global Standards One). GS1 is a worldwide, privately owned organisation which develops global standards for identifying, registering and exchanging product information and is responsible for issuing the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for products worldwide.

The award was presented in Berlin on 19 September.

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MARKANT Handels- und Industriewaren-Vermittlungs AG
Bernhard Delakowitz