Helping Senior Citizens in Hong Kong

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Every year, a "Social Caring" team of the MARKANT Trading Organization (MTO) organizes a charitable event. This year, the colleagues worked for senior citizens.

A mission with a heart: a team of 15 employees from the MTO visited a senior citizens' home in the Hong Kong district of Ngau Tau Kok Lok Wan on 13 June to provide old people there with company and take the opportunity to discreetly observe whether they are doing well. Afterwards, noticeable problems were reported to the supervisors. This action was organized together with the "Senior Citizen Home Safety Association". Employees from other companies also took part.
The MTO colleagues, who had partly brought their children with them, had cotton bags containing edible gifts. They contained a five-kilo bag of rice, dried mushrooms, oyster sauce and a meat speciality.

What is not known in Europe: senior citizens receive little support in Chinese senior citizens' homes. They usually live in one-room apartments in dreary high-rise buildings and have only meagre savings. Furthermore, pensions in Hong Kong before 2000 were practically non-existent. Therefore, senior citizens are happy about any form of care.
Because the MTO regularly supports such actions, it has been certified as a "Caring Company" for 10 years.

Report from the MARKANT employee magazine 03/2015