Here's to Good Cooperation!

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Kooperation MARKANT mit Kaufmännischen Schulen Offenburg Here's to Good Cooperation!

MARKANT and business schools in Offenburg will intensify their cooperation in the future. With the aim of helping schoolchildren with their professional orientation. Both sides are looking forward to many exciting projects.

MARKANT and business schools in Offenburg will be working closely together in future. There were individual elements of cooperation even before this. Now, however, the partners are fixed on specific joint projects. To this end, the two managing directors of MARKANT Deutschland GmbH, as well as MARKANT Handels und Service GmbH, Holger Rendler and Peter Bartsch, and Thomas Rahner, the Director General, have signed a joint agreement which provides for annual funding measures.

MARKANT has been offering internships for vocational and academic orientation in grammar schools (BOGY) for several years now and the range is being extended further. During their one-week BOGY internship, tenth-graders can gain insight into various areas, for example in various IT professions, or in commercial work areas.
Once a year, MARKANT will open its doors for all inquisitive pupils and teachers, presenting their IT training centre and the new data centre.
In November, MARKANT took part for the third time in the information evening on the theme of "Pathways for higher education entrance qualifications – a marketplace of possibilities" and presented the company to interested pupils and parents as an employer.
In addition, teachers at the Wirtschaftsgymnasium (commercial high school) and the Kaufmännisches Berufskolleg II (commercial vocational college) can apply for application training for their classes. The duration as well as the respective contents are adapted as required. Within this context, MARKANT also offers assessment centre training.
A special highlight is of course the invitation for two students of a respective year from the commercial college for foreign languages, who have their main focus on Spanish. They are allowed to gain international and practical experience in a brief internship at Iberiana Frucht, near Valencia.

MARKANT also provides financial support in addition to these practical offers. Among other things, the classrooms are fitted out with technical equipment.
The commercial schools in Offenburg and the representatives of MARKANT agree on the current status as well as possible further projects in regular discussions. In particular, great importance is attached to feedback from teachers and pupils, so that cooperation remains stable and fruitful for a long time.

Report from the MARKANT employee magazine 04/2015