How pupils learn to appreciate fruit

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Standort Valencia How pupils learn to appreciate fruit

What do children really know about fruit and the cultivation of natural products? They discovered some completely new aspects of Orange & Co. in the testing and training garden at Iberiana Frucht S. A.

Many of the young visitors almost believed they were witnessing a conjuring trick as orange-coloured juice was squeezed out of the red fruit flesh of the Cara Cara oranges. During their visit to Iberiana Frucht S. A. in Valencia, the second-grade pupils from the San Vicente Ferrer Primary School were simply astounded.

The children experienced quite a lot: they tasted some delicious fruit and were shown how the plants are watered using perforated, water-saving hoses and protected against birds and pests using nets and other tricks. Classes from Spain pay a visit three to four times a year:
the testing and training garden is the ideal place to learn all about the cultivation and harvesting of citrus fruits, stone fruits and other types of fruit. It's not only the main types of fruit produced at Iberiana Frucht S. A. that flourish here; new varieties are also tested for their taste and growth in order to ensure the best possible quality.

The training concept also features a cinema room. With the aid of a film, experts provide fascinating insights into how the different fruit varieties are planted, cultivated and tended. And, of course, they answer any questions the pupils may have.
In the kitchen workshop, the young guests finally got to taste some fruit, the likes of which they had never seen before. Managing Director Enrique Clavel: "Fruit and vegetables are a product of nature. That is exactly what we want the younger generations to learn. If they experience for themselves just how good our products taste and how they grow, then their interest and appetite will develop on their own. Therefore, Iberiana Frucht S. A. is committed to providing access to fruit and vegetables."

Report from the MARKANT employee magazine 01/2018