MARKANT sponsors a Professorship foundation for Analytics and Data Science

DE Offenburg
Presse Header MARKANT sponsors a Professorship foundation for Analytics and Data Science

More and more data is generated by social media, mobile applications, the Internet and IT-driven systems as well as machines. This data is increasingly becoming an important factor in production and competition, as business processes are optimized on the basis of this and new business-related knowledge models – and thus new added value can emerge.

As a "data-driven company", MARKANT has to deal more intensively with these developments in order to efficiently control the company group in the future and to make the right strategic decisions.
Therefore, the main focus of the new master's program "Analytics and Data Science" at FH Offenburg is not an IT-technical orientation, but above all the interdisciplinary co-ordination of IT, mathematics and statistical methods. The objective is to obtain information from manageable data, gain knowledge and, finally, instructions for action.

With the support of the professorship foundation, the MARKANT Group, in addition to its targeted commitment with commercial schools, makes clear its social responsibility as an employer at the Offenburg headquarters and therefore also for education and research. In addition, the collaboration represents a significant contribution to promoting cooperation between science and industry within the "eCommerce Region Ortenau" initiative.
The exact course of study contents as well as the framework conditions for projects and study- accompanying measures are currently being analysed and defined in a work group. The first students will start in the spring of 2016.

Report from the MARKANT employee magazine 04/2015