On the Road for a Good Cause

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Spende Iberiana Offenburger Tafel On the Road for a Good Cause

Social commitment is a priority at Iberiana in Valencia: long journeys are no obstacle. And that's how the Offenburger Tafel (food bank) came to enjoy delicious Spanish oranges.

Francisco Javier Amador was on the road for almost 1,500 kilometres to deliver his vitamin-rich cargo in Germany: his destination was a place where fresh fruit is much sought after and anything but a matter of course: Amador was headed for the Offenburger Tafel e.V.
This organization with the locations Offenburg, Oberkirch and Gengenbach has a large distribution radius. It supplies the needy with partly surplus, but perfect quality food for very little money in Kehl, Lahr, Emmendingen, Herbolzheim and Achern. People who depend on this aid can also be found in south-west Germany. This was the reason why the lorry arrived with several pallets of oranges, tangerines and kaki just before Christmas. "Each of our outlets got so much that every customer of the food bank could have 10 oranges," says Dr Ilse Herberg.

The 81-year-old retired doctor is one of the founders of the food bank and has been supporting it since 2000. The Iberiana delivery is not an individual case: MARKANT has been supporting the Offenburger Tafel e. V. generously with food for many years.  "They are mostly mixed boxes, which do not have to be cooled. It's also often the same with pharmacy products. We get large amounts every three to four weeks, "says Dr Ilse Herberg.

However, the employees of Iberiana are not only engaged in charitable donations for people who need help. They also run for a good cause: for several years, Iberiana Frucht has supported the solidarity race of the Espiga group with fresh fruit. At the end of October 2015 there was even an Iberiana team. Several employees ran the 10-kilometre route in and around Sagunto, Valencia, helping to make the event a success for the benefit of needy children and immigrants. A total of more than 1,200 runners participated.
In addition, Iberiana Frucht regularly sends fruit and vegetables to the charity Caritas in Spain.

Report from the MARKANT employee magazine 01/2016