Euler Hermes: Guarantee

With the guarantee, you can do business without any risk: we fully guarantee your accounts receivable from retail partners and Markant and we protect you from bad-debt losses. If an insured event occurs, we will reimburse all outstanding payments on time in accordance with the contractual agreement.

The service may only be available for suppliers, but Markant retail partners also benefit from it: large delivery volumes and payment terms are negotiated with suppliers and extended regardless of the retailer's credit rating. Without a guarantee, the supplier would have to get cover from trade credit insurance which is dependent on the approval of the credit insurer.

Features and benefits

  • Risk-free operations with secure planning
  • Revenue certainty, no loss of capital or interest
  • Unlimited cover provided: 100 % Europe-wide security
  • Guaranteeing all accounts receivable from Markant partners and Markant Group
  • Payments still made in accordance with the contractual agreement with no additional waiting time
  • Comprehensive claims settlement service
  • No excess or co-insurance