Proactive, agile and autonomous

"I am always being given interesting and exciting tasks that suit my strengths well. I chose to work at Markant because it has forged its way into the digital future." 


Nadja Aderneuer
Agile Coach / Scrum Master, IT Service Centre

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Responsibility, trust and appreciation

"Anyone who has good ideas and would then actually like to put them into practice is precisely in the right place at Markant. I can set my own standards every day. I am very grateful for the responsibility and appreciation." 


Christopher Harms
Cyber Security Product Owner,
IT Service Centre

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Autonomy in Everyday Working Life

"Young employees in this company are offered lots of opportunities, which is why I decided to take part in a training and studies programme at Markant. As head of division, I am now responsible for my own product areas and I am happy to contribute with my work to the functioning of retail between our partners."


Erik Eiberle
Head of Intermediary Activities division

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Teamwork, Concept Development and Customer Contact

"At Markant, my various tasks offer me everything that I would look for in a job: teamwork, space to conceive and develop my own ideas, contact with customers and national companies. I enjoy being part of the active cooperation here at Markant." 


Reiner Sailer
Divisional Manager of EDI and Analysis and Forecasting Platform

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Modern Working Environment in Black Forest

"At Markant, I have a diverse set of tasks in an exciting environment in European retail, motivated team colleagues and the opportunity to take on responsibility. Plus, all of this in a region where others come on holiday!" 


Malte Bokelmann
Service Owner Integration Services,
IT Service Centre

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Variety on the Job

"As I have a wide range of tasks in the field of retail, my day-to-day working routine is very diverse. I was also given the opportunity to gradually plan my own career path at Markant once I complete my degree in retail."


Isabel Trinkert
Head of Intermediary Activities division

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Experienced professionals

Your experience, your potential. Your work with pioneering technology and use your expertise to help optimise the world of retail throughout the entire value chain.


We offer a wide range of areas in an interdisciplinary environment where you can combine your expertise with that of your colleagues and further improve together. The opportunities are there – get inspired and achieve big things with us.

Our job offers for experienced professionals

DevOps Network Engineer (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum01.12.2022
Kaufmännische Sachbearbeitung (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichAdministration / VerwaltungOrtBaselErstellungsdatum30.11.2022
Assistenz Koordinationsmanagement (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichEinkaufOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum28.11.2022
Projektkoordination Marketing/Events - Eventmanager (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichMarketingOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum28.11.2022
Koordinator IT-Service-Desk (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum22.11.2022
System Engineer (m/w/d) mit Schwerpunkt Monitoring/SystemsmanagementTätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum15.11.2022
M365 & Client Security Engineer (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum15.11.2022
Cloud Engineer (m/w/d) im Bereich B2B-IntegrationTätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum08.11.2022
Senior Data Scientist (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum07.11.2022
Business Consultant (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichConsultingOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum21.10.2022
National Range Buyer – Bereichsleiter Einkauf (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichEinkaufOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum19.10.2022
Assistenz (m/w/d) im Bereich GeschäftsprozessberatungTätigkeitsbereichAdministration / VerwaltungOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum14.10.2022
Assistenz der Geschäftsführung (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichAdministration / VerwaltungOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum23.09.2022
System Engineer digital Workplace (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum20.09.2022
Java Softwareentwickler (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum19.09.2022
Business Continuity Manager (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichAndereOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum12.09.2022
Mitarbeiter im Bereich IT-Support (m/w/d) TätigkeitsbereichITOrtPfäffikonErstellungsdatum12.09.2022
Business Analyst (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum12.09.2022
Inhouse Cloud Consultant (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum07.09.2022
IT-Security-Engineer (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum11.08.2022
(Senior-) Business Analyst (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichElectronic Data Interchange (EDI)OrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum11.04.2022

Application guide

We have summarized our answers to frequently asked questions by topic below. Should you have any further questions, we will be happy to assist you - by phone or email.

  • Can I also submit a paper application by post?

    Please do not send applications by post. All applications should be submitted via the applicant portal.


    Which documents should I send with my application, and what is the maximum file size for these documents?

    Please send us a compelling covering letter explaining why you want to join Markant, together with your full CV and current references. The documents may not exceed a total file size of 10 MB.


    How will I know that my application has been received?

    You will receive an automatic notification confirming that your application has been received in our system.


    How long will my application documents be stored for?

    If your application is successful, your application documents will be stored for the duration of your position. In case of a rejection or if your user account is deleted (equivalent to rejection), the data will be deleted four months after the conclusion of the application process.

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