The Markant system for success

Retailers and suppliers – we bring them together. Our service system has been developed based on years of market expertise and is tailored to the specific needs of individual groups and their interests. We take the burden off for you for your business development by providing security and planning capability.

Markant gives suppliers more security:

  • You have payment security
  • You can plan securely
  • You get access to the market
  • You can be assured of constant liquidity 

Markant makes retailers more efficient:

  • You get up-to-date information about customer needs and markets
  • You know more thanks to high-quality data and analyses 
  • You can outsource time-consuming routine activities 
  • You are digitally and internationally well prepared 
  • You have more time for strategic operations 

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    We are the reliable partner for suppliers and retailers. Process optimization, payment systems, data quality, planning security - make it markant!

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