Since 2019, Markant has been awarded the title «BEST PLACE TO LEARN».


With this seal of high quality for company training in Germany, Markant Group is showing that education and its responsibility to young professionals is very important to it and that everything is being done to offer trainees and students the best possible preparation for working life and the future.

Every three years, the validity of this seal is checked by AUBI-plus GmbH and recertified if necessary. When it comes to the (re-)certification, a detailed online survey is issued to all current trainees and students, the trainers and to the graduates of recent years. From a seven-tiered scale where at least 5.5 points must be reached for certification, Markant achieved an impressive 1,105 points out of a possible 1,295 points in 2022 (minimum for certification is 925 points).


Our young professionals mainly consider onboarding at Markant, vocational learning in business and the expertise of training personnel to be the special highlight of company training from the seven areas covered by the survey.

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«It is important for us to structure the training at Markant with the trainees and students. Regular feedback discussions, personal interaction and external certifications help us to constantly improve and stay on the ball. We train people to take them on at a later date. This means that our in-house training is a very important aspect of our staff recruitment.»

Kevin Zurlinden (Human Resources Training Manager)

«The IT training workshop offers trainees a great introduction to IT and the working world. As a trainer, I can happily pass on the knowledge I have in my field (software engineering) in the IT training workshop and to trainees in my development team.»

Christian Köninger (Software Developer & Training Manager)

«We don't just focus on professional training and education at Markant, we also see ourselves as a guide and companion in this very important stage of young people's (professional) lives.»

Maike Huber (Team Leader ZAS & Training Manager)

«I would like to offer my trainees added value that gives them a good start in the working world.»

Mathias Ruthenberg (System Engineer & Training Manager)

«Training supervision is clearly a matter of the heart for me: it gives me so much pleasure to help our junior staff find their career path. Since I also completed my dual studies through Markant, I can use my experience to help the trainees in the best possible way.»

Alicia Möschle (Assistant to National Head of Buying)

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