Innovative Environment

"At Markant, I always have opportunities to develop in an innovative environment and the new challenges lead to immense growth. For this reason, after several interesting years of training and study, I am looking forward to the chance to continue working on an agile and friendly team."

Tobias Frietsch
DevOps Engineer
Before that DHBW student

Job offers

Young professionals

Experience the diversity of our national and international cooperation – with us, you'll be at the heart of the action. As the link between suppliers and retailers, we can help you gain unique insights.


Use this opportunity and quickly take on responsibility in your professional career. With us, you will benefit from individual support and team spirit from day one. We offer you a successful start in the world of retail.

In order to make the training even more diverse in addition to the classic IHK path, the DHBW study programme and the Studium Plus Trainee model at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Markant has decided to work together with 42 Heilbronn, a free full-time coding school.

For this purpose, Markant finances four "scholarships" (a kind of stipend) and also offers places for interested persons within the Markant training. The mission behind 42 Heilbronn is to train the programmers of the future with an alternative learning model. The learning curriculum builds on the innovative programme and content of École 42 from Paris and is already used in over 45 campuses in more than 25 countries.

Our job offers for young professionals

Business Analyst (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtErstellungsdatum19.04.2024
Qualitätsmanager Food/Nonfood/Drogerie (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichQualitätsmanagementOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum10.04.2024
Kaufmännische Sachbearbeitung Service Center (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichFinanzenOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum09.04.2024
IT-Support Engineer (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum02.04.2024
Business Analyst / Requirement Engineer (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum27.03.2024
Java Softwareentwickler (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum26.03.2024
Assistant Buyer – Warenbereichsassistenz im Einkauf (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichEinkaufOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum22.03.2024
Junior IT-Administrator (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum18.03.2024
Junior Referent Finanzbuchhaltung mit Schwerpunkt Bilanzierung (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichFinanzen / Rechnungswesen / SteuernOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum15.03.2024
Business Analyst / Requirement Engineer (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum11.03.2024
Sachbearbeiter Finanzbuchhaltung (m/w/d) - in Teilzeit vormittags (60-80%)TätigkeitsbereichFinanzen / Rechnungswesen / SteuernOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum07.03.2024
Junior System Engineer Storage/Backup (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum07.03.2024
Softwareentwickler Identity and Access Management (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum29.02.2024
Junior Business Consultant (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichConsultingOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum29.02.2024
Business Consultant (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichConsultingOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum29.02.2024
System Engineer Application Management (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum26.02.2024
Kaufmännische Angestellte (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichService Center / KundendienstOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum19.02.2024
Junior Consultant Financial Services (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichElectronic Data Interchange (EDI)OrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum16.02.2024
Sachbearbeiter B2B-Plattform-Management (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichAdministration / VerwaltungOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum15.02.2024
Softwareentwickler Business Intelligence (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum15.02.2024
Sachbearbeiter Accountmanagement (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichAdministration / VerwaltungOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum02.02.2024
Business Analyst / Requirement Engineer (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichFinanzenOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum16.01.2024
Business Analyst CRM (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichVertrieb / CRMOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum12.01.2024
Assistant Sales Plattform (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichVertrieb / CRMOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum13.12.2023
Business Analyst (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum27.11.2023
Business Analyst Supply Chain / Logistik (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichLogistik / MaterialwirtschaftOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum07.11.2023
Junior Business Developer im Bereich Cyber-Security (m/w/d)TätigkeitsbereichITOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum13.10.2023
Mitarbeiter im Kundenservice-Team Nachhaltigkeit (m/w/d) TätigkeitsbereichService Center / KundendienstOrtOffenburgErstellungsdatum15.06.2023

Application guide

We have summarized our answers to frequently asked questions by topic below. Should you have any further questions, we will be happy to assist you - by phone or email.

  • Can I also submit a paper application by post?

    Please do not send applications by post. All applications should be submitted via the applicant portal.


    Which documents should I send with my application, and what is the maximum file size for these documents?

    Please send us a compelling covering letter explaining why you want to join Markant, together with your full CV and current references. The documents may not exceed a total file size of 10 MB.


    How will I know that my application has been received?

    You will receive an automatic notification confirming that your application has been received in our system.


    How long will my application documents be stored for?

    If your application is successful, your application documents will be stored for the duration of your position. In case of a rejection or if your user account is deleted (equivalent to rejection), the data will be deleted four months after the conclusion of the application process.

For better readability, only the masculine form is used on the website. This form is explicitly understood to be gender-neutral.