"BEST PLACE TO LEARN": Markant Services International GmbH named top trainer

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Based on the results of a representative survey, Markant Services International GmbH has been awarded the "BEST PLACE TO LEARN" with the Germany seal of approval, recognising it as one of Germany's best training providers.

Markant places great importance on training and developing its junior staff, which makes it even more important to have a realistic view of the training provided and recognise the challenges involved. It was for this reason that Markant Services International GmbH took part in this year's "BEST PLACE TO LEARN" certification.

The scientifically rigorous online survey conducted by AUBI-plus covered seven quality areas and 71 quality criteria. All current and former trainees and integrated degree students from the last five years were surveyed, as well as their trainers. Markant Services International GmbH scored 1,083 out of a maximum of 1,295 points, meeting the requirements for training quality with good results. The company now holds "BEST PLACE TO LEARN" certification for the period from 1 September 2019 until 31 August 2022. Markant Services International GmbH went straight in at position 19 in the "Retail & Services" sector.

Current and former trainees were particularly satisfied with the welcoming culture in the company and the appreciation shown towards them from the start. Every trainee has their own mentor, which helps them to settle in and ensures that support is available throughout the apprenticeship. The feedback culture was praised by both sides – by both the trainees and the trainers. Trainees are proud of the profession they have trained in and see a future career in this area.

Successfully achieving the "BEST PLACE TO LEARN" certification forms the basis to work with all those involved to further improve apprenticeships offered at Markant Services International GmbH and ensure that the high quality of training is maintained.

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