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Cooperation enables online checking of packaging recyclability in the new recycling checker of Markant's One Globe Internet information forum.

Cologne, 25 March 2024 – Starting on 25 March 2024, EKO-PUNKT, the dual system of Remondis, will be cooperating with the Markant Group, the largest service centre for suppliers and retailers in Europe. At the centre of the cooperation is the recycling checker – a new service in the One Globe Internet information forum which Markant's partners can use to check the recyclability of their packaging online. This is made possible by the integration of the PackLab tool from EKO-PUNKT.

The Markant Group specialises in providing various services for retailers and suppliers from the food and nonfood sector. This also includes services relating to packaging management on the One Globe Internet information forum. On 25 March, Markant added another tool to this division in cooperation with EKO-PUNKT: In the new recycling checker at www.one-globe.info, Markant partners can check the recyclability of their packaging online. They have direct access to EKO-PUNKT's PackLab – a web application that companies can use to create a digital twin of their packaging and determine the degree of recyclability according to the minimum standard of the German Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR) and generate and download a corresponding certificate. One Globe users can create ten certificates free of charge. With an integrated fund calculator, they can also simulate the costs of an eco-modulation fee – i.e. possible payments to a fund for poorly recyclable packaging.

Experience from over 10,000 online packaging checks

«The topic of eco-design is becoming increasingly important for many companies, not least against the backdrop of stricter legal regulations,» says Stefan Munz, Head of Innovation and Sustainability at EKO-PUNKT. «As a competence centre for packaging, we not only specialise in packaging licensing, but also in improving the recyclability of packaging. We have already carried out over 10,000 online checks with our PackLab tool. Thanks to the cooperation with Markant, we can now also put our combined expertise at the service of One Globe users.»

«Not only legislators, but also retail customers are placing increasingly high demands on the recyclability of packaging,» adds Maik Meyer, Head of Division at Markant Germany. «With our new recycling checker, we want to support our partners from industry and retail in making their packaging sustainable in terms of the circular economy.
With EKO-PUNKT, it is good to know that we have a strong partner with proven expertise in the online packaging check process at our side.»

«Recycling-Checker» webinar on 8 April

Anyone who would like to know exactly how the recycling checker at One Globe works can find out in a free webinar on 8 April. Interested parties can register to take part here.


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