Expansion of cooperation between Verkehrswacht Ortenau (road safety organisation) and the Markant Group

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Kreisverkehrswacht Ortenau e. V. and Markant Group are expanding their cooperation even further to help increase road safety in the region.

The non-profit organisation Verkehrswacht Ortenau has been campaigning for road safety for years. The aim of the junior traffic training centre is not only to ensure the safety of children through preventative measures but also to actively promote a sense of responsibility in road traffic. Here you have the option of completing practical cycling training with a final cycling test. The aim of the organisation is to raise awareness of safe conduct in road traffic at an early age and to improve children's traffic skills.


For prevention reasons, the Markant Group offers driver safety training at regular intervals to all trainees and students of the Markant Group in order to improve young employees' skills in this respect as well. This year, the Markant Group will also be offering bicycle traffic training with the Verkehrswacht during the summer holidays as part of the children's holiday care programme, which is being held for the first time. The Markant Group will be making a donation to Verkehrswacht Ortenau for this.


The Markant Group has been supporting the organisation's activities for three years now and would also like to encourage other companies to cooperate with the Verkehrswacht. The driving safety training courses on offer are also subsidised by professional associations such as the VBG (Employer's Liability Insurance Organisation).


Statement by Günter Heim, 1st Chairman of Verkehrswacht Offenburg/Ortenau e. V.:
«Verkehrswacht Offenburg/Ortenau e. V. is committed to preparing children and teenagers to participate safely in road traffic at an early age through its voluntary work in cooperation with the police. We ensure this in our stationary junior traffic training centre in Offenburg as well as through our two mobile junior training traffic centres. We are therefore extremely pleased when private companies also take up this objective and support us in our work. We are particularly pleased that Markant has been sending its trainees to our safety training courses for advanced driver training for several years now. It is also very pleasing that the focus here is also on the next generation of cyclists and that children from the holiday childcare programme will complete their advanced bicycle training with us. This also shows us the high level of recognition and appreciation that we enjoy in this area.»

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