Farewell to our Markant graduates

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From left to right: Kevin Zurlinden (Head of Training), Philip Lehmann (Training Coordinator at the IT training workshop), Isabelle Ludwig (business studies and retail), Antonia Görlitz (business studies and retail), Daniel Michael (IT specialist), Elke Bauer Sandoval (IT specialist), Svenja Hermann (wholesale and foreign trade), Lara Welle (business studies and digital retail), Hannah Harter (business studies and digital retail) Mark Michaelis (Managing Director of Markant Services International GmbH). Not pictured: Rosalie Seger, Mario Murr, Nick Ruf, Jonas Fischer, Sinja Ohle and Sascha Knapp.

Markant Group is saying farewell to this year's many graduates of the company's Chamber of Industry and Commerce apprenticeship and the dual study programme at DHBW in Karlsruhe and Heilbronn.

After three years' training in business and IT, it was time to come together to take a look back over their whole training period. Our young colleagues worked in various departments of Markant Services International, Markant Germany and Zentrale Handelsgesellschaft, where they have a range of responsibilities.


Markant is proud of the many high marks achieved, and our graduates received a parting gift and a certificate of their training period in recognition of their outstanding achievements.


Three of our colleagues have decided to stay at DHBW for another three years after their training to continue their studies or to specialise. This demonstrates the quality and value of the training provided at Markant, which is made possible by many different specialist departments.


Markant would like to thank all of its apprentices, students and trainers across all divisions.

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