Markant #runs! at the Freiburg Marathon

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Employees of the Markant Group achieved 472 impressive kilometres in the Freiburg Marathon.

On Sunday, 7th April 2024, a total of 27 runners from the Offenburg Markant companies took part in the Freiburg Marathon for the first time. Markant employees participated in all the disciplines on offer – from the 10 kilometre health run to the 42.2 kilometre marathon.

The temperatures of almost 30 degrees Celsius were summery and the atmosphere no less hot. 16,000 other participants on the route, countless cheering spectators at the roadside and musical motivation from 30 bands could give people goose bumps. Despite the heat and the challenging course, everyone was able to finish their run. The intensive preparations, which were also supported by the weekly Markant running club, therefore paid off.

Very good placings were achieved in the full marathon by Felix Wiedmann (3:16:53 / 37th place men) and in the half marathon by Patrick Bierer (1:30:19 / 65th in age group M35) and Günther Schmidt (1:57:47 / 21st in age group M65). 
"Taking part in the Freiburg Marathon exceeded all expectations. The positive emotions will stay with everyone for a long time to come. This was evident from the happy faces and intense conversations in the finish area. A big thank you to everyone involved and to Markant for their support!" says Wolfram Finkbeiner, Controller at Markant Services International and organiser of the Markant running club.

In addition to the sporting aspect, it was even more of a great shared experience as Markant #runs! The next opportunities to be part of the team will be at the Offenburg Women's Run (4th May 2024) and the Hoch3 Run (28th June 2024). As in previous years, the Markant Group will also be represented here. 

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