MSI visits Offenburg University

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Jens Heiderich, IT Performance Centre business unit manager, and Ferenc Horvay, DevOps engineer in the Cloud Services Team

At the invitation of Prof. Dr. Schaad, Markant Services International GmbH (MSI) visited the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg on 21 June 2022. Jens Heiderich, Head of the IT Performance Centre, and Ferenc Horvay, DevOps Engineer in the Cloud Services Team, gave a lecture on the topic «Software engineering pays off!» to nearly 30 interested students from the sessions of Prof. Dr. Schaad and Prof. Dr. Singer.

MSI develops and operates Markant's digital market services for suppliers and retailers in Europe and has around 300 specialists (as technical experts, business analysts, UX/UI designers, software architects, software engineers, DevOps engineers) in interdisciplinary agile teams in Offenburg and Warsaw.


Practical examples and personal experience made it possible to explain what good design and engineering means for MSI and how the architecture in general (strategic design) and the architecture in the individual domains and products interact with the development processes, the organisation and the agile way of working.


Markant is grateful to the students, Prof. Schaad and Prof. Sänger for the great interest, the questions and the discussion!

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