Offenburg interns at Iberiana

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A long tradition was continued again this year: two students from the Offenburg business school visited Iberiana Frucht S.A. in Valencia for two weeks in July. Their classmates were also able to take a look at the company for themselves for a day during their study trip. This cooperation between Markant and the Offenburg business school has been supporting young talent for several years.

An internship in Valencia

A drawing was made to decide who would complete an internship with Iberiana in Spain: Flavia Martinez Montalvan and her classmate Flavio Hug-Rus from the parallel class were delighted to get the coveted internship position. Both students gained their first experience in the fruit and vegetable trade at Iberiana over a two-week period. The prerequisite for the internship is that the participants study Spanish at school.


Many insights in "fruits"

The students got to know the company from many different angles during the 14-day internship. Flavia Martinez Montalvan reports: "We were warmly welcomed by Mr Clavel and his team. We were able to take a closer look at the accounting department in the first week. The programme also included a trip to the city of Lleida, a city which lies quite far north of Valencia. There, we were able to find out how fruit is processed and packaged after harvest. At Iberiana, we were able to gain an insight into what quality assurance does and what employees in marketing, purchasing, and sales do each day." Because Iberiana regularly invites students from Valencia to visit in order to improve their understanding of cultivation and enjoyment of fruit as part of a training concept, the interns also chopped fruit and arranged it on platters to prepare for a school buffet. Even the framework programme for the interns from Offenburg ensured that all bases were covered: an evening in a tapas restaurant was part of the programme, as well as a spontaneous invitation from an employee of Iberiana and her family.


School class visit

It was a moment of great joy when two school classes also came to visit the interns from Offenburg for a whole day at Iberiana. This is a fixed part of the programme during the study visit for students travelling around Spain.

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