Strengthening our school partnerships with Oken High School and Offenburg Business School

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[Translate to EN:] Vertragsunterzeichnung Kooperation Oken Markant

After successfully initiating our cooperation with Oken High School last year, it has now been officially finalised as of 8 April 2019.

Confirming cooperation with Oken High School

Stefan Joost, headteacher of the high school, Achim Bohn, IT and liaison teacher for Markant, Jens Heiderich, CEO of Markant Services International and Stefan Hofmann, apprenticeship adviser at Markant Services International, met to sign the contract in order to validate the cooperation.

The aim of the partnership and enhancing the cooperation is to further strengthen the mutual exchange between the school and the company. Markant will support the high school and its pupils and teachers in the future with regular job application training for the upper school classes, offer IT workshops and guided tours in the company's own computer centre, and invite different year groups to information events and in-house trade shows.


Renewing the cooperation with Offenburg Business School

The partnership between the business school and Markant has already been in place since 2015. As this partnership has been continuously expanded over the last few years, the contract has now also been adapted to the new conditions. As is the case in the agreement with Oken High School, the extensive job application training for the entire 1st year, the visit to the Markant in-house trade show, the organisation of IT workshops, and the support for the IT study group were incorporated in the restructured agreement.


A win-win situation

The focus of both partnerships for Markant is to help pupils with their choice of career and to inspire them to do a BORS/BOGY internship with the company. "Even if most internships are allocated in the IT departments, the school partnerships are not limited to IT content," explains Stefan Hofmann, apprenticeship adviser at Markant Services International.

The school partnerships projects are largely supported by our trainees and dual-course students and represent important learning content of the training at Markant. The two training supervisors at the IT training workshop, Dominik Wölfle and Nestor Alvarez, support the partnerships through their commitment and play a major part in their success.

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