Irrespective of whether its an order, dispatch notification or invoice – provide us with your data in your format. We will look after the translation for all your partners. Algorithms tailored to your requirements for validating and enriching your data increase the quality of your information and ensure stable and efficient business processes.

Features and benefits

  • Every type of message, every format – use our modern mapping platform/technology. Aside from standards such as EDIFACT/EANCOM, we also implement bilateral formats such as IDOC, csv and Flat File for you
  • Established validation rules enable the correct transfer of your information into the target system – the sender will be informed automatically in the event of a rejection
  • Individual checks across business transactions save you additional costs
  • The enrichment of information in documents forms the basis for the correct processing of information in your target system
  • Overview of all documents including status information and document download option
  • Secure the exchange of documents with your partners by using digital signatures
  • Make your supply chain more efficient and digitise your paper documents using our (modern) solution
  • Our digital archiving takes over the legally compliant storage of your documents for you for up to 10 years

For better readability, only the masculine form is used on the website. This form is explicitly understood to be gender-neutral.