One Globe

One Globe provides suppliers and retailers with reliable information and services in the context of sustainability and for product-related legal and compliance issues in the food and non-food industry. The aim is to impress with extremely up-to-date and high quality information and services provided and to enable easy access to a wide range of users through the optimised user interface.

Features and benefits

  • Extremely up to date and high quality
  • Customisable through subscription and profile management as well as target market selection
  • Proactive newsletter about subscribed specialist topics in case of changes
  • Overview of the legal situation on product-related topics in the food and non-food sector
  • Legally compliant fulfilment and bundling advantages for packaging licensing and the German battery law
  • Labelling check for compliance with all relevant criteria
  • Classification and increase in the recyclability of packaging
  • Efficient improvement of data quality for risk analyses with the Supply Chain Act service
  • Access to all crisis representatives for participating partners with the crisis manager database to be able to react as quickly as possible in the event of damage or loss.

For better readability, only the masculine form is used on the website. This form is explicitly understood to be gender-neutral.