Alicia Dußmann came top of her class in the retail business administration course at DHBW Heilbronn in 2021

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DHBW Heilbronn honours the best of its approximately 400 graduates each year. Alicia Dußmann, who was top of her class in the retail business administration course and has now successfully completed her dual study course through Markant Services International GmbH, is among them this year.

She started her degree course at Markant in October 2018 which she found out about in the very traditional manner of a newspaper advertisement. «I realised relatively quickly that I wanted to start a dual study course in business administration. Ultimately I chose the field of retail, as I particularly liked the fact that we could also learn a lot about the stationary food trade in theory and the processes and tasks behind it», explains Alicia Dußmann. After completing a telephone interview and attending the Markant Assessment Center, both parties were quickly in agreement and she was free to start her dual study course.

After completing her course, Alicia Dußmann was taken on by Markant and has now been employed as a Compliance/Packaging Management assistant in the Food & Nonfood Compliance division at Handelsmarken GmbH, a subsidiary of Markant Services International, since October 2021. She has the following to say about being taken on: «I am really pleased to have been taken on in the Food & Nonfood Compliance division, as I already passed my dissertation on this. I feel great to be part of the team and I am pleased to now be starting full-time work following my studies and taking responsibility for my own tasks.»

Markant would like to congratulate Alicia Dußmann on her outstanding performance as the best student in her retail business administration course at DHBW Heilbronn and is looking forward to the successful cooperation continuing.

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