Junge Union Offenburg on a virtual «visit» to Markant Group

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Markant Services International GmbH, as one of the biggest employers in Offenburg, introduced 13 members of the Junge Union Offenburg online last Friday.

During a short presentation from Mark Michaelis, CEO of Markant Services International, the participants were given an insight into the corporate structure of Markant Group and learned more about the MSI business model and how the company is networked in retail. Reiner Sailer, Lead Service Owner in the B2B Integration & Markant Price Monitor sector, also presented the new service from Markant, the Markant Price Monitor, and Jens Heiderich, Head of the IT service centre division, clarified the relevance of the IT sector for Markant. The latter was also supported by Philip Lehmann, Training coordinator at the IT training workshop who looks after the IT training workshop for Markant trainees.

Questions about the business segments were addressed in even more detail in the ensuing discussion with the participants. The meeting gave Markant the opportunity to show the young CDU members just how the company is an important and system-relevant service provider for suppliers and retailers, especially during the current pandemic. «We were very pleased about the interest the Junge Union showed in Markant Group. It was an exciting meeting with nice young people and the feedback from both sides was very positive,» summed up Mark Michaelis.

Due to the current coronavirus situation and resulting safety measures, the meeting was held digitally. However, a meeting on site is planned for the spring and this will also allow the young politicians to see the Markant premises.

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