Plenty of vitamins for the winter

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Markant Group donates fruit and vegetables to charitable organisation Lebenshilfe Offenburg-Oberkirch e.V. and Offenburg Business School

Once again this year, generous donations from the Markant Group arrived at Lebenshilfe Offenburg-Oberkirch and the Business School: Iberiana Frucht S.A., a Markant AG service company based in Pfäffikon, Switzerland, supplied the two institutions with fresh fruit and vegetables directly from Spain.

Around 6.4 tonnes of oranges, clementines, persimmons, cucumbers, lettuce, bell peppers, aubergines and courgettes were unloaded by the employees of the Lebenshilfe workshops and the Markant location in Offenburg. From there, the healthy cargo was immediately distributed to the Lebenshilfe residences and to the employees of the workshops in Offenburg and Oberkirch. Rainer Grießer, Head of the Work Division at Lebenshilfe Offenburg-Oberkirch e.V., expressed his appreciation for the donation: «For several years now, the Markant Group has been sending us a truck filled with fruits and vegetables directly from Spain during the pre-Christmas period. For our employees and residents with disabilities, this is always a thrilling experience – and has now become a cherished tradition.»

Around 1.6 tonnes of oranges, clementines and persimmons also went to the pupils and teachers at the Offenburg Business School. Mr Rahner, Director General of the Offenburg Business School, extended his thanks on behalf of the entire school community for this «sunny» greeting from Valencia and emphasised the great importance of the cooperation between the Offenburg Business School and the Markant Group.

John Grewe, Geschäftsführer Markant Deutschland GmbH, und Rainer Grießer, Bereichsleiter Arbeit bei der Lebenshilfe Offenburg-Oberkirch e.V.Thomas Rahner, Oberstudiendirektor Kaufmännische Schulen Offenburg, Anne-Kathrin Huber, Schülersprecherin Kaufmännische Schulen Offenburg und John Grewe, Geschäftsführer Markant Deutschland GmbH.

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