The Markant Group is sending aid supplies to Ukraine

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Together with its retail partner, Rossmann, Markant has arranged the sending of eleven truckloads of food.

The Markant Group is appalled by the current armed conflict in Ukraine. So – working alongside its retail partner, Rossmann – Markant has provided its first package of aid with the sending of eleven truckloads of food (noodles, rice, drinks, sausage products and confectionery) to help the victims of the war. Rossmann has added goods that have been donated from its product range (shampoo, hygiene products and baby food). The donated goods will be distributed by local aid organisations. This will ensure that the aid actually gets through to the people who are directly affected in Ukraine and that it is distributed as effectively as possible.

Markant is working with EuroCommerce (the European retail and wholesale umbrella organisation) and HDE (Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE) e.V. (the German Trade Association) to keep its retail partners informed about the latest developments and about the details of current sanctions against Russia, and also to provide analysis of the situation in Ukraine. Markant is also providing webinars and arranging online advice meetings for any retail partners that want to take part. 

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