You can gain valuable insights into the data in the digital value chain with (B2B) Insights Information from the data will not only be displayed or processed, but also linked together and analysed in this form so that it offers added value for you and your processes.

Features and benefits

  • Outlook for future goods movement within your supply chain with the  goods flow forecast:
  • Value chain optimisation through incoming and outgoing goods forecasts from participating retailers
  • High forecast quality – 26 weeks into the future – recalculated every week
    1. - Reduction in operating costs and increase in working capital 
    2. - Increase in turnover due to reduced out-of-stock ratio and improved delivery reliability
    3. - Reduction in data procurement costs – a lot of data needed for planning is included in the Markant forecast data


  • Joint creation and development of use cases with our data lab in order to analyse theories and theoretical approaches based on existing data. Examples of past use-cases:
    1. - Correlation analyses based on significant events (e. g. flu epidemic, pandemic)
    2. - Algorithmic relaunch management 
    3. - Affinity analysis, e. g. based on POS data

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