Market Insights Forum

Access in-depth market knowledge and retail-specific insights quickly and easily with our services. We help you identify regional strengths and weaknesses and leverage them in the best possible way using insights into shopper behaviour.

Shopper Insights

Access a wide range of category management key figures with Markant Shopper Insights and receive comprehensive knowledge on buyer groups which you can use to your advantage.


  • Identifying and quantifying optimisation potential up to goods group level
  • Competitive advantages through strategic buyer and competitor analysis
  • Identifying more leverage for increasing the number of buyers, frequency or average sales receipt
  • Offer of in-house training for the "GfK SimIT" analysis tool
  • Access to the "GfK SimIT" analysis tool with pre-built data cubes for in-depth in-house analyses on the basis of GfK data that is updated monthly
  • Offer of in-house training for the "GfK SimIT" analysis tool

Nielsen Market Scope

Nielsen Market Scope is an easy-to-use, Excel-based tool for quickly identifying the regional strengths and weaknesses of retail companies. The data is derived from Nielsen Trade Dimensions surveys.

  • Market observation
  • Market share analysis in distribution areas down to postcode district level or in overlapping areas with other retail companies
  • Strategic action planning and advertising planning
  • Targeted formulation of regional sales concepts
  • Expansion strategies
  • Grounds for annual discussions
  • Optimum visualisation of selection results using cartographic representations
  • Analysis of socio-demographic structures in the postcode area

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