European Central Settlement (ECS)

You can enhance and streamline your document and payment processing with European Central Settlement (ECS): our services for concentrating transactions based on automated processes reduce your long-term administration expenses and reduce costs.

Features and benefits

  • Reduction of administrative expenses and associated costs
  • Resource and cost reduction by reducing archive capacities
  • Regular checking and certification of process chains
  • Cross-currency and cross-country processing of incoming documents and formal inspection of all documents
  • Settlement of (return) debit notes for invoice discrepancies, returns and subsequent reimbursements
  • Digitisation of paper documents and archiving of all documents according to the statutory specifications and deadlines
  • Suppliers and retailers can conduct transactions with each other without any additional costs regardless of whether different invoice systems are used
  • Customisable processing and handling of conditions and payment terms
  • Individualized input and output formats (manual or digital) for receipt of documents and to support your invoice verification or financial accounting
  • We support you effectively and sustainably in the transition from paper to EDI, with the help of acquisition, testing and support

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