Markant product document database (PDD)

Safety documents – available at all times: dispense with time-consuming and expensive searches for product-related documents such as safety data sheets, product certificates, conformity declarations and catalogues. We acquire and review all product-related documents and archive them for you centrally in our Markant product document database (PDD). This means you have access to specific documents if needed and are always kept informed.

Features and benefits

  • Time and cost savings: free capacities by reducing research and documentation expenditure and quality controls for product-related documents
  • Process optimisation through the automated data provision of content
  • Archiving with intuitive search function
  • Update and quality assurance in relation to legal requirements
  • Various delivery methods: web research/download or web service

For the sake of readability, only the masculine form is used on the website. This form is explicitly understood to be gender-neutral. Of course, all genders are included here.