Central trade item database (ZAS)

It is possible to achieve the widest possible effectiveness of the product master data provided with the Markant central trade item database. The master data is distributed and provided automatically through our database. The central trade item database (ZAS) reduces the burden on suppliers and retailers by providing trade item master data centrally, procuring it, updating it, performing a quality check for it and archiving it.

Features and benefits

  • Maximum effectiveness due to Markant's multiplier effect
  • Reduction in incorrect deliveries, returns and invoice discrepancies due to the use of reliable standardized data
  • Process optimization due to automated data interchange
  • Checking, archiving, enhancement, provision and updating of master data
  • Customised transmission options: import (via interfaces), Web-UI,
  • CSV/XLS upload or web service
  • GDSN-compatible
  • Automated
  • Multilingual
  • Multi-client service capability

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