Food & near-food private labels

Suppliers and retailers can benefit from our wide range of food & near-food private labels.

Suppliers have the option to bring their products to market through us! Take advantage of the synergy provided through cooperation with Markant in order to generate reliably high volumes of sales for your goods. Take advantage of our international contacts and our branding strategy for long-term customer acquisition and retention.

Retailers are guaranteed a wide product range of more than 2000 items in the entry-level price sector with our range of private labels Our private labels in the food, pet food, pharmaceuticals and near-food sectors are continually adapted to the needs of our partners. Dispense with expensive processes; we will take responsibility for the entire purchasing and order process as well as all legal risks and tasks as distributor. Of course, we always guarantee reliable quality assurance, best-practice services, as well as market-oriented refinement of our products.

The product range of ZHG

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Product range

Features and benefits for suppliers

  • Large sales volumes
  • Reliable sales volumes as planned
  • Optimized production processes: better capacity utilization, shorter set-up periods
  • Price advantages due to large volumes of raw materials purchased
  • Various family brand products and single brands
  • Category management and enhancement, order processing and product design
  • Consolidation of volumes
  • Brand strategy for customer retention

Features and benefits for retailers

  • Low purchasing prices
  • Competitive position in the entry-level price/discount sector
  • Legal certainty: no risk, no legal liability
  • Reducing capacities and costs for purchasing, product range design, quality management and product design of private labels
  • Extensive product range: more than 2000 products in the food, pet food, drugstore and near-food sector
  • Different family brand products and single brands to choose from
  • Product range design and development, price negotiations, order processing, manufacturer auditing, quality control and assurance, product design
  • Brand strategy for customer retention
  • First placement on the market and first contact for authorities/institutions, risk assumption for goods, transport and security and liability for all products
  • Free delivery or delivery ex-works

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